Independent and self-taught artist. His work expresses an optimistic and colourful vision of the world. His art is representational, figurative and realist, covering portraiture, landscape and fantasy, with a particular taste for human figure, especially the female figure.

Ariel was born in Santiago, Chile, in 1983. Starts drawing mainly comics in grade school, influenced by cartoons from television. In high school he starts drawing graphite and sanguine portraits. In that time he also learns music and science, acquiring a comprehensive background and different interests. He enters the University of Chile in 2001, completing his pharmacist degree in 2008, and he immediately starts in the Chemistry Ph.D. program at the University of Windsor, Ontario, Canada. It is in this period when the interest in drawing reemerges with real strength, making realistic portraits in graphite, charcoal, pastel and colour pencils. In late 2013, he successfully defends his Ph.D. thesis and returns to Chile, where he starts painting with oils in early 2014. Oil painting is currently his preferred medium. At present he does his art alongside his professional work as a pharmacist. 

Ariel Guerrero's art is, to a great extent, representational and realistic. Some people link him to hyperrealism, but the reality is that Ariel's art only intends to draw form in a way that broadly resembles reality, and at close inspection it is clearly possible to see the marks of the brush or the knife. It never pretends to imitate photography, and photographic reference is only a guide. Many of his paintings aspire to be "visual metaphors" and be easy to understand.

Since October 2018, Ariel Guerrero's oils are painted with posterity in mind, with state-of-the-art, highest quality materials.  The best paints in the world are used (Rublev, Michael Harding, Williamsburg, Gamblin and Winsor & Newton), using modern pigments of the highest lightfastness, with little or no stabilizer agents, and alkyd resins of very high quality.  The paints used are free from zinc oxide (which can cause early cracking and even delaminations of the paint film) and other problematic pigments are avoided.  The varnish used (Gamvar) has the best synthetic resin (Regalrez 1094), easy to remove and restore. Starting April 2019, Ariel paints with oils only on rigid supports (wood panels and aluminium composite panels) primed with the highest quality grounds.

In April 2019 Ariel inaugurates his YouTube channels (one in English and another in Spanish) where he shows the painting process of some of his pictures, and in June 2019 Ariel incorporates watercolour to his medium repertoire.

Ariel is present in social networks:

- Instagram: @arte.arielrgh

- Facebook: Ariel Guerrero - artista

- YouTube: Ariel Guerrero

- DeviantArt: @ArielRGH

- Twitter: @arielrgh

Aside from visual arts, his published works include:

- several musical compositions, via SoundCloud,

- a few unedited short stories and poems 

- scientific publications